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1."It has been a complicated year for everyone," the 33-year-old Barcelona forward told reporters. "With the national team we want to try to make people happy with this victory in a difficult situation."。
2.According to Bayer Leverkusen, Arias suffered a fractured fibula and tore multiple ankle ligaments.。
3."We will add new blood," he said. "The door of the national team is always open to those who are in good form and willing to fight, no matter they are teenagers or experienced players."。
4.Boasting a balanced roster, Heilongjiang advanced to the playoffs in Ji's first season as the coach, which surprised her a lot.。
5.The decision, which is aimed at cutting spending, was announced after Beijing 2022 organizers reached a consensus with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).。
6.The prospect of a Schumacher returning to Formula one nearly 20 years after Michael Schumacher made his debut in 1991 is not only in Germany greeted enthusiastically.。


1.Liu Qi and Xu Nairui chipped in with 12 and 11 points respectively for Daqing.。
2.Kvitova arrived for the match against the world No. 66 Siegemund as statistically the best server of this year's French Open remaining women's players, both in terms of ace struck and percentage of service games won.。
3.CHENGDU, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Henan rallied past Zhejiang 95-90 in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Friday.。
4."The players are finding their rhythm on the field, but they have yet to hit their best form to ensure a victory over South Korea next February," he said. "They need to further improve their techniques, coordination and tactics."。
5."We are in a difficult situation and through a low ebb. We trained 20 days before the season kicked off, and many young players didn't partner with me. They said they were afraid of this."。
6.Coutinho, who was also deployed in a more central role by Brazil coach Tite against Bolivia, said his time at Bayern had taught him the importance of a strong work ethic.。


1."He asks me to help the team to win games," Adama said.。
2."We've had a few difficult days and some players haven't been 100% but we're confident of a positive result," he said. "We have a clear way of playing and hopefully it will pay off."。
3."Defense is quite vital in such an intense game," he noted.。
4.The female world 1,500m and 10,000m champion Sifa Hassan from Netherland and Yomif Kejelcha of Ethiopian will contest the 10,000m and 5,000m respectively. Enditem。
5.Lakers guard Danny Green missed a potential go-ahead 3-pointer, followed by a Markieff Morris turnover in the last minute, Heat guard Tyler Herro closed the game out for the Heat with a pair of free throws.。
6."All I can do is thank them for the confidence they showed in me," said the forward, who came out from the Barcelona youth system, but plays in the Premier League with Wolverhampton Wanderers.。


1、"Basketball means the world to me for a long time, and now is the same. As I grow old, I know there are other things I need to pay attention to in life. Basketball is a sport and undertaking that I love, and I have put everything into it."。
2、The two-time World Cup winners looked comfortable thereafter - despite managing only two shots on target -- to ensure their campaign started without a hitch.。
3、"It was a tough match. We didn't play at our level in the first quarter, but changed our tactics into zone defense from the second quarter," Shanxi coach Li Ge commented.。
4、"The MMC will be divided into four areas for functional use, public service, publicity and cultural demonstration and operation office. Both space and operation of the former MPC and IBC will be fully integrated," Gao said.。
5、"My eyes are on the crown heading to Gdynia, I want to win back my world half title but I know the challenge ahead especially when you know the field is strong, but I believe we have the best squad which will enable us win the championship," Jepchirchir told Xinhua on Friday.。


"It was a difficult time for me. After thinking hard for almost a week, I decided to retire and go to college," Wang said.!


  • 每一 10-19

    The GFA said the new season will run until July next year.

  • 老祖 10-18

    Japan hosted the world championships twice, in Tokyo in 1991 and Osaka in 2007. Enditem

  • 一探 10-17

    The marathon is a two-day-event, with smaller distances reserved for Saturday, while the 42-km long main race started on Sunday at 9am local time.

  • 黑暗 10-16

    KIEV, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Germany secured its first-ever UEFA Nations League win after beating Ukraine 2-1 here on Saturday.

  • 大陆 10-15

    "There needs to be some differences, but I am absolutely convinced that even under these circumstances, there will still be fantastic games. We will adapt, we will also be supported with the organizing committee in anything we need to do to make sure that athletics is the center stage of the Olympic Games."

  • 出现 10-14

    Argentina's next qualifier will be against Bolivia in La Paz next Tuesday. Enditem

  • 融合 10-13

    Back from a treatment following a hard fall, Xing converted a four-point play, highlighting Shanxi's scoring run that pulled itself within two points at the break.

  • 沦陷 10-12

    Now the top two seeds - Djokovic and Nadal - will face each other, which would offer big stakes for both sides to seek for.

  • 空结 10-11

    "If I gave up at first, I would not have got the chance at a later stage," she pointed out.

  • 往后 10-10

    "From 2017 to 2019, through the FIVB Projects Platform, FIVB approved a total of 80 projects for Asia (including Oceania) out of 87 applications. This is a huge approval rate of 92 percent," said the FIVB president.

  • 同时 10-09

    Due to the strict preventative measures, even though new coronavirus infections and fatalities have been spiking worldwide and across the United States, COVID-19 activity has stayed comparatively low in California, where most key figures are either slowly declining or flattening. Enditem

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